Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to the Basin

Welcome to the dust-covered blog of the Permanent Basin.
I am setting aside my plans for world domination for the time being. Now, now - be patient. We'll get back on track for that, and then you can rule beside me. We need to get that crack-head in Venezuela out of office first, anyway.

Tomorrow, I will reveal my choice for the president of these United States. I have spent much time and much study eliminating possibilities, and I have narrowed my choices down to that one worthy candidate.

Just my opinion, you say? Well, yes it is. But since I am smarter than you and prettier than you and I read more books than you, and I have more money than lots of people I know, my opinion counts. And you should agree with me because I'm right 97.4% of the time, and you're right only 89.3% of the time. Besides, I never bet on sports.

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