Saturday, November 17, 2007

I read on a forum today that Ron Paul cannot get elected and if he does, they'll kill him or have a coup.

I don't agree that he can't get elected. I do agree that the established parties will do pretty much anything in their power to prevent it, and it isn't really inconceivable that he could have an accident or something if it came to that. But it would sure take some brass nerve to actually kill him. Sure, these are the people that have set up election laws and ballot access laws to keep themselves in power, unchallenged. And you know, things happen. But let's not prophecy doom.

Oh, they might have the Supreme court find something we hadn't noticed before, that says you can't be president if you were born in a certain month with the moon in a certain phase. Kind of a Roe v Wade for election abortions.

Everybody in America seems to think that unrestrained power is a good thing, as long as it's in the hands of the party they voted for. We Libertarians are alone in our belief that it's a bad thing no matter who holds the gavel. (There's a good quote line, eh?)

When Hillary takes office after beating Rudy, the Republicans may regret having established all those tools to fight terrorism with. The Clinton family has a well-earned reputation for using such power very creatively - how long will it be before Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh are accused of inciting terrorism? Oh, wait - they did that already, didn't they? Oklahoma City Bombings, I think it was. All that "hate speech" on talk radio.

And now that you can be jailed for that sort of thing, without habeas corpus, some of us may be reminded the hard way what those safe guards were for.

I plan to send more money to the campaign. I don't think it's wasted - people have given their lives for freedom in this country, I guess I can give a little money.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul: Is there a risk he could win?

Ron Paul's supporters are making signs, sending in money (4.2 million in one day), joining Meetup groups, using the internet effectively, attending rallies, voting in straw polls and online polls and texting polls, and talking to their friends and neighbors about him.

The other candidates supporters are... um... answering the phone when the pollsters call them.

Nope, he doesn't have a chance. Nope. Can't happen.